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Developed by Leon Rumford with the assistance of Borathin Cirros, Rumfords Reflective Region is a highly configurable and powerful enchantment designed to encapsulate areas as large as cities. At the most basic level, any person committing a crime within the boundaries of the spell will be unsuccessful, finding themselves to be the victim of that crime instead. Where the spell is unable to turn the tables on a perpetrator, it merely prevents the initial crime.



  • Strinx the Sneaky attempts to pick the pocket of Narine the Na├»ve, but instead of finding himself holding the bejeweled dagger he coveted, he realizes that he no longer has a prized magical ring.
  • Belkar the Belligerent decides that Ulfgar the Uncompromising has offended him for the last time, drawing his weapon and delivering a punishing sneak attack. Ulfgar is unharmed, but Belkar finds himself desperately quaffing a healing potion to help stem the sudden gush of blood soaking his front.
  • Aerys the Arsonist was last seen running at top speed towards the nearest large body of water, leaving a smoky trail in his wake.
  • Timon the Trickster heads into town on market day looking to scam some unsophisticated farmers out of their hard-earned silver. Unfortunately for him, every time he sets out to make one of his outrageous claims about his fake Dowsing Rods, he finds himself gasping for breath.
  • Davros the Drunkard has obtained a large stash of the illegal intoxicant Spinweed. When he attempts to sell it to Little Lyrus, they find themselves unable to physically exchange the goods. Davros decides to treat himself to a hit in order to cheer himself up but cannot light his pipe.
  • When Lecherous Lister's intimate advances are rejected, he resolves not to take no for an answer from Kristine the Kleptomaniac. Kristine has no problem getting away from him when he falls to the ground in shock, seriously re-thinking the impact of such a violation.


When the spell is cast, the actions that are considered criminal are set. Therefore it is possible for one town to have the effects include all physical assault, theft and fraud, while cultural differences in another means they consider "aggressive bargaining" to be perfectly acceptable and doesn't mind a "good stoush", so only lethal assaults and theft are included.


Obviously unpopular with the criminal element, this spell is also criticized for its potential to impact on the freedoms of its citizens. Additionally some argue that reliance on magical prohibitions means that when individuals are outside of the area of effect they will lack the self-control to abstain from criminal activities, while proponents argue that living with the effects of the spell long-term will condition citizens to behave in a legal manner even then.


Several townships have raised the funds to have their own version of the enchantment put in place, with several more considering it. Of the settlements that The Hunted have encountered since the destruction of The Wandering Star only Madrill is considering it as an option.

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