Session 21 2013-11-18

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+????XP each making 63588XP Total for each Party Member - Level 9 (next level 71,000)

1 Hero Point spent by Hand of Kali to improve her acrobatics check and go sliding along a Huge snake.

2 Hero Points spent by Kul'theras to cheat death when taken to -13 HP by a Huge Water Elemental.

  • The Hunted move on from speaking to Pelastour into the next chamber, featuring a deep pond. Magni, invisible, moves to the exit of the chamber and Kul'Theras also sneaks past, but the rest are stopped by a voice asking who they are.
  • Landra calls out the name "Vintresk?", eliciting a "Who is Vintresk?" after a moment of hesitation from the voice. Landra tells it that the hunted are there seeking Poltur, and after some pressing admits they don't intend to release the Terraken, causing Vintresk to attack with lightning before submerging into the pool.
  • The Hand of Kali dives into the pool but then gets back out, declaring Vintresk to be lost. Magni does the same but does not immediately return. Kul'Theras moves onto the next chamber, finding Poltur (not yet being noticed) staring into a pool at his feet and a writhing, glowing ball of water suspended in the air above. Landra and the Hand join Kul'Theras when battle is joined.
  • Vintresk, still present, manages to strike Magni (CON DAMAGE!) also paralysing him and the dwarf begins to sink. Tharin above begins summoning sharks and a water elemental to to hunt in the pool, before transforming into a water elemental himself and diving in. Vintresk turns invisible as Magni sinks deeper, and Tharin tries to find her - the sharks themselves are in fact able to seek her, but her position was not pinpointed.
  • Kul'Theras moves to make his presence known, and when Poltur moves to attack his rapier is shot out of his hand by Landra, though he quickly retrieves it again. After taking a lot of damage, Poltur speaks to the sphere (presumably in aquan) and it proceeds to dispense a great serpent and a water elemental who begin attacking the present hunted. Landra attempts to threaten him to call off the creature, but Poltur is not able to despite apparently trying. The serpent is slain, but the water elemental manages to knock out Kul'Theras with a mighty blow. The body is then dragged away by something - revealed later to be Wyrick, following the party since their separation, trying to heal Kul'theras. Poltur escapes and the hunted fall back before their powerful foe.

Session ends with Tharin Longview 120' down Vintresk's watery cavern, Magni 35' down and Vintresk AWOL. Summoned sharks disappear next round while summoned water elemental one round after that. Tharin Longview is using Elemental Body to change shape to a Small Water Elemental.

Wyrick turned up to help drag Kul'theras out of harm's way and pour a healing potion down his throat. On seeing that it hasn't brought him back to consciousness, Landra allows Wyrick to take the potion she had intended to consume and use that also, and he finally regains consciousness.

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