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20014, August 18th

Troy available late as he has a later meeting, can still do but might need to move the start time?

2014 Ashby Leaving Radelaide

Unavailable until 21st at which point he's back in Perth.

2014, May 19th & 26th - Ashby Unavailable

Ashby will be in Thesis-Mode for the next two weeks so no campaign for The Hunted until June 2nd.

2014, February 24th - Troy Unavailable

Will send out alerts via ALL the channels, but Monday the 24th (three sessions from now) I'll be attending a presentation by an Agile Coach with Spotify so no session that evening. If there's a suitable time to re-schedule so we don't skip a week as usual I'm happy to try to make it work.

2014, February 17th - Suggestion

Troy is of course happy to run the existing campaign, but wondered if anyone wanted a break from the more serious subject matter in favour of a game of Kobolds Ate My Baby (KAMB). Maybe even moving it to the Sunday afternoon and having a few adult beverages. There's even a "module" for it called "Cupid Must Die" in which King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) has demanded baby wings and so you're going after the aforementioned cherubic archer.

Again, just a suggestion.

Troy Unavailable Monday 20th January

As per the message I've already sent out, it crept up on me. Sorry for the bad timing with Stu leaving the game soon, if there's any availability to do it some other time this coming week then I'm all for it.

Availability December 2013

I'd hope to run sessions every Monday in December but it is often a time when people get stuck with obligations. If you are aware that you will be unavailable for any of the dates below please add your name beneath it OR put your name under the "Available All Dates" entry.

Available All Dates

Who: - Stuart - Ashby - Brendan

Unavailable 9th December 2013


Unavailable 16th December 2013


Unavailable 23rd December 2013


Unavailable 30th December 2013 - Please note potential for long session this date if desirable. LONG SESSION ARRIVE AT MIDDAY IF SOCIALIZING BEFORE OR BE @ WRONGTOWN READY TO PLAY AT 1PM. WILL BREAK FOR DINNER SOME TIME IN THE EARLY AFTERNOON.


Note: Ashby - I'm fine to attend, but I fly back to Adelaide the next day at 11am so a long session is fine, It would just have to start early and end 'on time'.

2013, December 2nd

Due to hospital visit by Troy on the weekend, this session is cancelled. Next session should be 9th December 2013 unless another night can be scheduled this week.

2013, November 5th

XP from last session is on the session entry.

Stu is unable to play on the 11th of November due to a conflict, rather than writing off the week it is suggested we try to find another time to play. It was suggested late last night that maybe Tuesday 12th November could work, discuss!

UPDATE: No time was workable, next week we play.

2013, November 4th

Game is on tonight, first live trial having a video feed for PartyCannon to see the room directly via Those of you who use your own devices to view the map please ensure they are either muted or set to receive no video/audio. If anyone cares to bring a decent microphone and stand that would be much appreciated.

Could not hurt to review the last session.

2013, October 28th

No session tonight as Sarge unable to make it and gave notice Thursday last week. Troy and PartyCannon to catch up and test some comms equipment/settings in hopes of improving his experience but other than that players to check that their plan for Level 10 is up to date and we'll resume Monday 4th November.

2013, October 23rd

Troy will be away with work from Thursday 24th, and likely have limited or no internet access until return, so he will be harder to contact than usual. Session should still be on the 28th though.

2013, October 20th

  • Updated the Werl - House Rules page to reflect the choices available, and also with information regarding the possibilities in event of Player Character Death.
  • Reminder that as per last session, the Wishlist page for the current campaign has been added, instructions for use are on the page.
  • Some very basic information has been provided about Diamondgate, which the characters plan to travel to soon. Hopefully more will be provided before they depart Chimera Cove.
  • Brannock has provided some significant information about Buckie, though not all of this would be character knowledge as yet.
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