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It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to provide a quotes page. Where possible please link back to the session it occurred during in the hopes that some context might be retained.

From Unsure

Magni: "Judge by the weight of a mans purse, not the silk on his arse." 

From Session 14

Tharin Longview: "There is no need to be a coward, friend."
Kul'theras: "...YOU'RE one of the most cowardly people I know."
Tharin Longview: "We're not talking about me."

From Out Of Character Discussion on Talk:Werl_-_Wishlist

Brendan: "Airships are only guaranteed to crash at the very beginning of a campaign, story,
etc. One introduced later can have as high as a 40% chance of not crashing!"

From Session 19

Landra: "Why are we always attacked by cargo?"

From Session 24

Tharin Longview: "I'm sorry Kul'theras, I've been short with you."
Munt:"Miniaturisation is a pipe-dream!"

From Session 29 2014-01-27

Tharin Longview: "There comes a point in your life when you realize that you really don't want to be a doll."

From Session 35 2014-03-31

Landra: "I especially liked the bit where I was dropped amongst the enemy and then abandoned there."
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