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5000XP each making 77988XP Total for each Party Member - Level 10 (next level 105,000)


Smashy Smashy Stormy Stormy Ships Go Boom

Landra runs to the side of the ship, pulling out some rope with the intent of throwing it to Vesser and Orrin as they struggle in the heaving seas below. She shouts "Sanado what do we do? Tharin come help me!" as Hand of Kali tears some kind of insignia from the corpse of what will later be revealed to be a Chelaxian Seasworn Marine, unhappy with the lack of currency or similar valuables on the body.

Kul'theras runs over to look belowdecks and on seeing the extent of the fire below yells to Tharin asking if he can put it out. On being told probably not he drags a corpse over to the gunwale where it looms above the Restitution. Magni is thrown off balance as the ship crashes into the Restitution again but stops himself against the same gunwale, grabbing the corpse and throwing it onto the deck of his own ship before leaping down after it.

Landra manages to throw a rope to Vesser as Magni draws his new sword, calling on the strength of his ancestors and Thor himself. He takes a mighty swing, at the hull of the Chelaxian vessel, timing his strike with the heaving waves to cleave a large rent in the hull of the ship from the gunwale all the way down below the water mark. As the splintered and abused section of hull falls away into the frothing foam those on the Restitution can clearly see the raging fires within as the Chelaxian vessel begins taking on water.

Magni and several crew members push mightily with boarding pikes to absorb some of the blows as the ships crash against each other, while Tharin takes to the sea in elemental form and the remainder of the party heave the rope Vesser and Orrin cling to. Munt makes an appearance above decks to hurl some kind of improvised explosives at the Chelaxian vessel which he creates by gargling volatile liquids, and Sanado and the remaining crew members manage to make headway turning the Restitution away from the doomed Chelaxian vessel. The two ships are separated by a monster wave as the Chelaxian vessel finally explodes.

Just The Tip, Just To See How It Feels

While The Hunted are discussing what just happened, Tharin implying that Tristopher stole the Terraken and just after Landra raises the idea of contacting Sever to let him know what has happened, Kul'theras stabs Tharin (still in water elemental form) with his kukri.

All hell breaks loose, with the Hand of Kali restraining Kul'theras in a net as Magni slams down the newly dubbed Shipwrecker between Tharin and Kul'theras. Tharin looks to Sanado and requests that Kul'theras be restrained as a criminal until landfall as he gestures for Munt (who has a mouth full of chemicals) to stand down. Landra draws her rifle and warily asks Kul'theras why he did that. Kul'theras tells her that he had it coming, talking ill of Tristopher Caulken.

Sanado wants them all downstairs, and after some resistance they all comply, with Magni and a couple of crewmen manhandling Kul'theras.

Reporting In

Landra realizes they have not yet reported back to Sever, organising a small meeting together in Tharin's cabin (as the halfling won't agree to go to Kul'theras). They agree on the following message to Sever.

"Tristopher and Terraken gone, maybe dead. Attacked, most likely Chelaxians. Returning through storm, could use magical help to look for Tristopher. Amulet defunct."

They receive the following reply.

"Understood, return immediately. Amulet will be studied for confirmation of destruction of Terraken. Tristopher concerning."

Magni and Tharin disscuss the intricasies of what counts as a criminal, Magni warning Tharin not to bandy the term about so freely as Tharin doesn't have a sparkling clean record himself.

Maritime Law 101

Sanado talks to Landra when she comes to his cabin about the application of "justice" and that it is up to him to deal with the altercation on his ship. He further clarifies that if he does not make a ruling that the incident will not be followed up; the magistrates of Madrill will not meddle if the captain of a ship has not seen fit to punish.

Landra advises that their fates are intertwined and that if Kul'theras is killed (both execution and duel are within Sanado's authority) that it will diminish the chances for the whole group. Sanado takes this information in, and later sends for Tharin.

After Sanado explains the situation to Tharin, he offers the halfling a choice; either let Kul'theras go free at Madrill, or to make him duel Tharin (or his nominated champion). Tharin elects to duel.

Sanado informs The Hunted that Tharin has chosen a duel, advising that it is not required that it be to the death, but that it can be. He also makes it clear that if either combatant harms anyone besides their opponent the duel is over and they are subjected to a more definite punishment. He allows Kul'theras's request to talk to the others before the duel, leading Tharin away.

Kul'theras dresses down the others as he feels that Tharin "started it" by letting Wyrick go free. There is argument as to how relevant that is to their current predicament.

The other three talk privately and they agree to talk to Tharin to ask him to stand down from the duel. He is reluctant, as he feels that no resolution will be had and asks how they would like to resolve the issues in the group. They advise they want to come to an agreement that no party member will harm another and Landra states that whoever initiated combat in the future would have the party united against them.

Tharin is troubled by their conversation as he feels he has shown a great deal of restraint in not rising to Kul'theras's bait. He asks that if The Hunted do not trust him then how can they go forward as one without some resolution.

Tharin suggests that they have Quest cast on each of them preventing each from harming the other as that is the only way he can see it resolved.

When The Hunted approach Kul'theras agrees immediately, and though Sanado seems hesitant to go back on what he has already agreed with Tharin he cancels the duel and delivers them safely to Madrill.

Hints & Allegations

The Hunted visit Sever and debrief more fully with him. Tharin tells him that he fears Tristopher may have absconded with the Terraken for his own benefit and Sever is hesitant to consider that possibility; however as he has been unable to get in contact with the cleric he accepts that he must not dismiss it outright. He advises that if Tristopher has betrayed them, that he may well have been double-crossed by someone else. If Tristopher is dead feared, Resurrection would not be considered while there is doubt. He does advise that there will be a ceremony held for Tristopher at the Temple of Thor at sunrise the next day.

The Invisible Leash/The Spirit of QWOPeration

The party agrees to have Quest placed on them at Temple of Kali initially, however on arrival Kul'theras becomes uneasy and requests that his be done by a cleric of Selune or Shar instead. They agree to the following conditions:

I will not act to harm or by inaction allow harm to come to any member of this fellowship. This condition will remain in place until ended by unanimous agreement from all surviving members of the fellowship assembled here. I will not seek to have this Quest removed before that time.

This wording is noted onto a piece of parchment to ensure the same conditions are imposed at each temple, and so the party could confirm their understanding of the conditions later if required.

Tharin suggests that maybe if they misbehave that the temple could send the Hand of Kali to assassinate them. This is not received well, the preistess rising up with a fear-inducing visage and denying all knowledge of the Hand of Kali's role. Tharin later makes some enquiries about joining the Temple of Kali and is told enigmatically that they will be in touch.

On leaving the Temple of Kali Tharin apologises for mentioning the Hand Of Kali role, and Hand of Kali advises that it is not lightly discussed and that not all followers endorse the behaviour that Hand of Kali represents.

Landra mentions that she feels that going to the temple of Kali was a mistake, that there could have been less horror. Tharin says he wanted to go somewhere that would get the job done, "unlike Thor". Magni dresses him down for besmirching the name of a man who may well have died to finish the job, and for besmirching the name of his god. Tharin apologised, if not enthusiastically.

Hand of Kali points out they need to bear in mind the vulnerable position that Kul'theras and Tharin have placed themselves in for the good of the group and to be considerate of this.

Landra mentions that she thinks that she and Magni are probably the only ones not in a cult after the clerics of Selune act very strangely around Kul'theras. Tharin confirms the quests are in place with Detect Magic.

Hand of Kali wishes to do Several things before they depart the city. She suggests they meet at The Salty Shag later in the evening.

End of Session has Tharin, Kul'theras and Hand of Kali at the Salty Shag with Landra and Magni yet to join them.

Need to decide about:

  • attending Tristopher's service.
  • details of planned teleportation to Diamondgate.
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