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After netting themselves a wand of cure light wounds, The Hunted decide it is best for them to push onwards and restock their supplies at the next town - Taid. Here, they are informed by the brothers Awler and Banit Hatt that the marketplace has become the home of an enraged woolly rhinoceros. Rather than be disuaded, the party take the opportunity to assist the town for payment and "preferential trading privileges" in the event they come across the two trader brothers again - provided the rhino can be subdued rather than killed. This is eventually achieved. The town alchemist, also trapped in the market square, was very grateful for the assistance.

Later, the party either took the opportunity to craft various equipment, including a new cure wand, or kicked back for some R&R at the local skimpy-bar-equivalent The Boo Boo Lounge.


The next morning, Osont was less than a day's travel away. Quickly finding the terminal, marking the opposite end of the line to Madrill, the place The Hunted were directed by the body of Burim Lorpen. There they encounter Bingo Barr and T.O.M.A.S., and mill for a bit with the rest of the crowd headed to Madrill. After being assured that they have some time to kill, Magni heads into town to inquire about the availability of weapons - only to have the questions reversed when the storekeeper becomes curious regarding the nature of Landra's rifle. Magni agrees to fetch her and heads back. Meanwhile, The Hunted agree that the construct T.O.M.A.S. may well have important infomation, and encourage the Hand of Kali to have a chat with it, since it was instantly warm towards her.

The Hand of Kali is treated to a surprisingly private conversation with T.O.M.A.S. within the protection of its own armor. There, T.O.M.A.S. recalls meeting a man in Madrill who was very tall and spoke of the same shadowy assailants currently hunting The Hunted. They also discuss what it means to be alive, and the question of whether or not THEY, as constructs, are alive. Awkward construct possible-flirting is rife in the entire conversation. The conversation ends on a dark note; T.O.M.A.S warns The Hand of oncoming danger: "Danger - Scarce!"

The Second Attack

The Hand of Kali and Magni both return, but neither is able to relay their respective messages - T.O.M.A.S. announced that everyone must board, and that he is momentarily leaving - ahead of schedule. At the same time, unnatural darkness descends and another shadow assailant appears, this one different to the first. It heads straight for The Hunted, with no regard whatsoever for the panicking patrons. This time, The Hunted are able at great risk to bring down and eventually (apparently) destroy the creature, with a hand from T.O.M.A.S. They simultaneously manage to board the construct for its trip to Madrill.

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